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Nuur-un “alaa Nuur: An advanced Qur’aanic Arabic course, written and personally taught by our Shaykh on DVDs. It is prepared for the graduates of the Madinah Arabic course or who have attained proficiency in Arabic equal to it. A profound selection whose aayaat speak of Allaah’s Greatness and Divinity, promise and encourage believers towards greater iimaan and strike parables of unbelief with profound meanings…

Extensive lexical & grammatical notes; exegetical notes from the works of tafsiir with the Shaykh’s commentaries;  additional notes; diverse exercises on grammar, comprehension & language skills and exhaustive index in alphabetical listing.

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Suurat al-Hujuraat With Lexical and Grammatical Notes: An advanced Qur’aanic Arabic Course written and personally taught by our Shaykh on DVDs.  It is prepared for the graduates of the Madinah Arabic Course or who have attained proficiency in Arabic equal to it. A pivotal suurah  to help master the Arabic Sciences and mould the Islaamic character due to its profound character-building injunctions…

Suurat al-Hujuraat: Download DVDs.

An advanced Qur’aanic Arabic Course, written and personally taught by our Shaykh on 6 DVDs. It is prepared for the graduates of the Madinah Arabic Course or who have attained proficiency in Arabic equal to it. Profound in depth and content, the course helps understand the grammar, language, style and eloquence of the Glorious Qur’aan …

Selections from the Glorious Qur’aan: Download course and DVDs.

Enter the world of Qur’aanic Arabic with our Shaykh’s masterpiece. Excel in understanding the Qur’aan directly and mould iimaan from the tremendous lessons learnt and felt from the deeply-moving story of Prophet Yuusuf (“alayhissalaam) described by the Qur’aan as aHsana l-qaSaS (the best of stories).

Wealth of lexical & grammatical notes; wealth of classical Arabic vocabulary; wealth of couplets from Ibn Maalik’s Al-Alfiyyah with explanations; exhaustive groups of exercises and exhaustive index. Highly recommended for homes, schools, universities and Arabic language curriculum.

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Al-Mus’if – Suurah Yuusuf With Lexical and Grammatical Notes

Both These Lights Emanate From the Same Niche: Umm Salamah (radiyAllaahu “anhaa)’s Hadiith narrates the crucial event of the emigration of the early Muslims from Makkah to Abyssinia to escape persecution…

… The narration contains the powerful address of Ja”far ibn ‘Abii Taalib (radiyaAllaahu “anhu) who presents the case for asylum before the king and explains the Islaamic code of life. At the king’s request, Ja”far recites the sacred chapter of suurah Maryam. Read how the king reacts and how events unfold. Bring to life this historical event with the lexical and grammatical notes.

Complete translation of the Hadiith is placed facing the Arabic text; copious explanatory notes; additional notes; diverse exercises test grammar, comprehension and language skills; comprehensive index:

Fii Balaat Hiraql is the astonishing dialogue that took place in Shaam between Abu Sufyaan radiyAllaahu “anhu  and Heraclius, king of Byzantine. The SaHaabiyy was summoned and questioned scrupulously by Heraclius to ascertain the Prophethood of Allaah’s Messenger sallAllaahu “alayhi wasallam

… Extensive lexical and grammatical notes. Points of benefit and moral lessons learnt from the narration are quoted from the great works of Imaam an-Nawawiyy rahimahullaahu. Extensive exercises test grammar, comprehension and language skills. Beautiful design.

Enter the majlis and listen to the dialogue…

‘Abshir Bi-Khayri Yawmin is the heart-rending story of the repentance of Ka”ab ibn Maalik radiya Allaahu “anhu who remained behind from the Battle of Tabuuk in 9 AH …

Extensive lexical and grammatical notes; extensive points of benefit and moral lessons learnt from the narration are extracted from the works of the great Imaams Ibn Hajr al-“Asqalaaniyy and Imaam an-Nawawiyy, rahimahuma Allaahu. Diverse exercises test grammar, comprehension and language skills; exhaustive index; beautiful design with parchment look on each page…

( Hard copies also available from us):

1) See Book Fair to buy this outstanding syllabus with new features in the print.

2) Study the syllabus in audio-visual format at Madinah Islaamic University’s new resource:

3) Download the entire syllabus (if you cannot buy it):

Manhaj Ma’had Ta’liim al-Lughah_Madinah Islaamic University Syllabus


Kitaab Al-Mu”allim : Three outstanding, interactive guidance manuals tailored for:

1. Teachers of Arabic
2. Graduates of the Madinah Arabic Course
3. Advanced Students of Arabic.
4. Beginner’s  in Arabic (to use the new, colourful worksheets containing exercises, oral drills, rule charts, flashcards & vocabulary aids).

Arabic Teachers: Be privileged to follow our Shaykh’s teaching methodology of Madinah Islaamic University using  interactive teaching, practical and engaging examples and copious reference to daily life. Practical methods include having real conversations, use of physical actions, use of samples, use of every-day objects, use of pictures and sketches, role-play of every-day scenes, interactions between teacher and students, interactions between classmates. Such methods have successfully helped understand and master Arabic in the most easy and natural way. (Pls see the file ‘overview’ and our Shaykh’s advice in the Vol. 2 extract).

Sample Worksheets for Madinah Book 1 using Kitaab al-Mu”allim, Vol 1:

Sample Worksheets for Madinah Book 2 using Kitaab al-Mu”allim, Vol 2:

Kitaab Al-Mu’allim: Buy Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3

Tadriibaat Fii l-Muhaadathati: An audio-visual conversational course that develops speaking skills using the vocabulary, lexical and grammatical knowledge learnt in the 3 Madinah Books. Drills are meticulously structured with lively, every-day topics. Dialogues start from the simplest conversation to advanced conversational Arabic.

Enjoy the Shaykh’s beautiful spoken Arabic and the privilege of learning through the teaching methods of the Islaamic University, Madinah.

Arabic Conversation Drills: download DVDs.

Tadriibaat Fii l-Istii”aab develops the oral skills acquired from Arabic Conversation Drills.Comprehension Drills uses effective, active techniques that make use of your own voice, listening and comprehension faculties to develop spoken Arabic in an easy and engaging way.

Move from one daily context to the next and enter familiar scenes. The familiarity of daily life plays a key role in developing spoken Arabic, quickly and naturally.

For advanced students who have completed our Shaykh’s full Arabic program, we now present to you a selection of stories in Arabic.

Enjoy our first story from Hadiith, fully illustrated, in our new section: Stories.

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