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Our Shaykh’s post-graduate Arabic program contains a rich  diversity of Islaamic texts to help non-natives master the Arabic sciences in an easy, connected way. Following the program is easy for a Madinah Books graduate. The careful choice of Qur’aanic suurahs, Hadiiths,  scholarly works and historical texts are profound in content, on primary aspects of the Diin and pivotal to increasing iimaan and affecting the heart. The program has the feature of nurturing the Islaamic character while mastering Arabic.

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A series of eight, new advanced Arabic grammar lectures by our Shaykh to help understand finer aspects of the language, grammar and eloquence of the Noble Qur’aan.  Includes a thorough discussion on the advanced topic of الصفة المشبهة باسم الفاعل with an explanation of حُورٌ عِينٌ. View all here.


The selected aayaat of Suurat al-Israa’ enjoin establishing major Islaamic obligations towards Allaah, parents, relatives, orphans, poor. The noble aayaat enjoin chastity, humility, honesty, purity of worship and fulfilling the rights of the Creator and the creation. The Shaykh provides extensive lexical and grammatical notes, commentary from tafsiir, extensive additional notes, exercises to test grammar, comprehension and language skills. Beautiful design with harakaat al-i’raab on all the words. New on-line feature: A full navigational menu of all contents of the book, is added.

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The selected aayaat of the ‘Nuur ‘alaa Nuur course’ speak of Allaah’s Greatness and Divinity, promise and encourage believers towards greater iimaan and strike parables of unbelief with profound meanings.

The Shaykh provides extensive lexical & grammatical notes; exegetical notes from tafsiir with the Shaykh’s deep commentaries;  extensive additional notes;  exercises on grammar, comprehension & language skills; exhaustive index in alphabetical listing.

New on-line feature: A full navigational menu of all contents of the book, is added.




Nuur “alaa Nuur: Buy from U.K. or India.


Suurat al-Hujuraat contains profound obligations and  character-building injunctions. A pivotal suurah to help build iimaan, perfect one’s character, and learn and master the Arabic sciences through it. With extensive lexical and grammatical notes, extensive additional notes, extensive exercises in a workbook with answers.

Suurat al-Hujuraat: Download DVDs.   Buy the book.

This course is extensive in coverage of the Arabic sciences due to its diverse selection of aayaat from various suurahs. The profound depth and content gives an extensive understanding of the grammar, language, style and eloquence of the Glorious Qur’aan.

Selections from the Glorious Qur’aan: Download course and DVDs or buy from U.K. or India.

Enter the world of Qur’aanic Arabic with our Shaykh’s masterpiece. Excel in understanding the Qur’aan and mould iimaan from the tremendous lessons learnt and felt from the  story of Prophet Yuusuf (“alayhissalaam) described by the Qur’aan as aHsan al-qaSaS (the best of stories).

Wealth of lexical & grammatical notes; wealth of classical Arabic vocabulary; copious quotes from Ibn Maalik’s Al-Alfiyyah with explanations; exhaustive groups of exercises; exhaustive index. Highly recommended for homes, schools and universities.

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Al-Mus’if – Suurah Yuusuf With Lexical and Grammatical Notes

Suurah Yuusuf course : Buy from the U.K. or India.


From Esfahan to Madinah In Search of Truth is the heart-felt, arduous journey in search of truth by Salmaan al-Faarisi (raDiya Allaahu “anhu).

Join the travels and learn the many Islaamic lessons including utmost determination, strength, patience, love of Allaah and tremendous sacrifices for His sake. Feel the story come to life with the lexical & grammatical notes. 

Umm Salamah (radiyAllaahu “anhaa)’s Hadiith narrates a critical event in Islaamic history of the emigration of the early Muslims from Makkah to Abyssinia to escape persecution.

Hear the powerful address of Ja”far ibn ‘Abii Taalib (radiyaAllaahu “anhu) who presents the case for asylum and explains the Islaamic code of life. Listen to Ja”far reciting the opening aayaat of suurah Maryam in the king’s court. See the  reactions, witness events unfolding – all brought to life through the lexical and grammatical notes.

Complete translation of the Hadiith is placed facing the Arabic text; copious explanatory notes; additional notes; diverse exercises to test grammar, comprehension and language skills; comprehensive index:

‘Both These Lights…’ : Buy from the U.K. or India.

Fii Balaat Hiraql is the astonishing dialogue that took place in Shaam between Abu Sufyaan radiyAllaahu “anhu  and Heraclius, king of Byzantine. The SaHaabiyy was summoned and questioned by Heraclius to ascertain the Prophethood of Allaah’s Messenger sallAllaahu “alayhi wasallam.

Extensive lexical and grammatical notes. Points of benefit and moral lessons learnt, are quoted from the great works of Imaam an-Nawawiyy rahimahullaahu. Extensive exercises test grammar, comprehension and language skills. Beautiful design.

Enter the majlis and listen to the dialogue…

‘Fii BalaaT Hiraql’ :  Buy from the U.K. or India.


‘Abshir Bi-Khayri Yawmin is the heart-rending story of the repentance of Ka”ab ibn Maalik radiya Allaahu “anhu who remained behind from the Battle of Tabuuk in 9 AH.

Extensive lexical and grammatical notes; extensive points of benefit and moral lessons learnt, are taken from the works of the great Imaams Ibn Hajr al-“Asqalaaniyy and Imaam an-Nawawiyy, rahimahuma Allaahu. Diverse exercises test grammar, comprehension and language skills; exhaustive index; beautiful design with parchment look on each page.

Abshir bi Khayri Yawmin : Buy from the U.K. or India.



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Manhaj Ma’had Ta’liim al-Lughah_Madinah Islaamic University Syllabus


Teachers: Proceed to the new library for a wealth of resources, aids, practicals, lessons, worksheets, teachers’ notes and more:  Teachers’ Library

Graduates of the 3 Madinah Books / Advanced Students: Benefit from the wealth of new, advanced lexical and grammatical notes in these guides which cover all the topics learnt in the 3 Madinah Books along with new elements; discover common grammar errors; develop your Arabic reading, writing and comprehension skills; develop oral skills… (read more in: ‘Overview’). Sample the ‘Extracts of Grammatical Notes‘:

Buy Kitaab Al-Mu’allim: From the U.K. or India

An audio-visual conversational course that develops speaking skills using the vocabulary, lexical and grammatical knowledge in the 3 Madinah Books. Drills are meticulously structured with lively, every-day topics. Dialogues start from the simplest conversation to full conversational Arabic.

Enjoy the Shaykh’s beautiful spoken Arabic and the privilege of following the teaching methods of the Islaamic University, Madinah.

Arabic Conversation Drills: download DVDs.

Arabic Conversation Drills : Buy the conversation transcripts here.

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