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Madinah Arabic Reader  is the children’s version of our Shaykh’s world renowned Arabic Course named Duruus al-Lughah al-“Arabiyyah li Ghayr al-Naatiqiina bihaa.  Read the inspiring story behind the creation of the series, enjoy the vibrant, colourful samples, be honoured to start learning Qur’aanic Arabic, then race to purchase:

SAMPLES from the Madinah Arabic Reader Series:  (Copyrighted material from ‘Madinah Arabic Reader’ follows. For non-commercial use only with due acknowledgement. With kind permission of our Shaykh and Goodword Books).

BOOK 1 Lesson 1:

BOOK 1 Lesson 2:

al-Kalimaatu l-Jadiidatu: ‘New Words’:

BOOK 1 Lesson 3:

BOOK 1 Lesson 4:

BOOK 1 Lesson 5:

BOOK 1 Lesson 6: Adjectives:

Advanced Exercises:

BOOK 1 Lesson 8:

BOOK 2 Lesson 1:

BOOK 2 Lesson 2:

BOOK 2 Lesson 5:

BOOK 2 Lesson 8:

NOTE: Madinah Arabic Reader Books 1-2, correspond to Duruus al-Lughah Vol. 1.  Madinah Arabic Reader Books 3-5, correspond to Duruus al-Lughah Vol. 2.


Madinah Arabic Reader: Book 6:
Authored by our Shaykh, published by Goodword Books (2013 CE).

A4 size, coloured pages,  artwork and illustrations typographical devices,Harakaat placed on all the words, a wealth of new knowledge, and recommended for children and adult learners of Madinah Book 3. The new volume 6 corresponds to Madinah Arabic Book 3, lessons 1-5.

Copyrighted material follows. For non-commercial use only with due acknowledgement. With kind permission of our Shaykh and Goodword Books.

Madinah Arabic Readers : Buy from India:
Vols. 1 – 7
(discount on each volume);    or buy from  U.S.Aor  U.K.


Buy Vol. 7 (discount at this store)

Duruus al-Lughah al-”Arabiyyah li Ghayri l-Naatiqiina bihaa, lil-Atfaal (Published by Islamic Foundation Trust, India. A concise Arabic course in 2 Volumes): Children! Come and learn Qur’aanic and modern Arabic through bright colours and vibrant illustrations in this 2 Volume series by our Shaykh.

Creative lessons will build your knowledge and skills step-by-step…

… Short, easy conversations start your tongues talking in Arabic:

… Colourful exercises and colour-coded elements help your minds understand the rules. Colouring activities provide art and creativity:

Read the introduction, enjoy the samples, sharpen your pencils then race to order:

Arabic Reader: Buy Vols 1 and 2.

Arabic Reader is copyrighted. Samples are free for non-commercial use only with due acknowledgement.

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