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At-Tibyaan: Easy Way to Qur’aanic Reading (book and CD): 
65 short lessons in easy, gradual steps, teach the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet and Qur’aanic reading skills. The course adopts an unconventional teaching approach, uses speech sounds common to English and Arabic, and helps an English-speaker to articulate the Arabic letters with precise accuracy. The student reads real words from the Qur’aan, is taught simple Qur’aanic reading rules, orthography rules and performs oral exercises.  The course is successfully used in certain parts of the world and has proven to considerably shorten the learning time in acquiring Arabic and Qur’aanic reading skills al-Hamdu lillaah.

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Duruus al-Lughati l-”Arabiyyati li-Ghayri l-Naatiqiina bi-haa: Our Shaykh’s world renowned Arabic course for non-natives of Arabic was originally devised and continues to be taught at the world renowned Islaamic University, Madinah. The course is successfully taught in schools, colleges and universities throughout the world.

Using the interactive teaching methods of Madinah Islaamic University, classical and modern Arabic is taught in methodical steps using topical dialogues, daily examples and ample examples from the Qur’aan, aHaadiith and Arabic poetry. Knowledge is cemented through a world of creative exercises.

New Colour Worksheets: The course is supplemented with lively, colourful worksheets based on our Shaykh’s meticulous guidance and teaching methods in Kitaab al-Mu”allim (see Advanced Library). The worksheets contain new exercises, oral drills, rule charts, flashcards and vocabulary aids.

New Animated Videos: Watch our exciting, animated videos that teach the Madinah Course in our new section: Digital Learning Aids.

Sample Worksheets for Madinah Book 1:



1. The 3  Vol. Madinah Arabic Books.

2. Madinah Course Keys: in the language of your choice:  English.   Urdu.   German.

3. Solutions to Exercises.

4. Madinah Course Arabic-English Dictionary  (‘Glossary of Words’) – with new navigational menu for quick access to all sections

5. Madinah Course DVDs.   

6.  Madinah Course  Audios.   

Or buy the  3 Madinah Books + Keys + Solutions + 48 DVDs (via new shipping service) or just buy the DVDs.


Large, colour-coded grammar charts to help drill-in and recollect the important rules learnt in the Madinah Books. These are very effective when viewed or taught on an LCD projector, or laminated.

Use of Ka’bah illustration by kind permission of Goodword Books.

Sample Worksheets for Madinah Book 2:

AL-AJWIBAH“ani l-’asilati l-”aammati: An essential book for every student, graduate and teacher of the 3 Madinah Books. It contains the solutions to the ‘General Questions Covering the Whole Book’ that appear at the end of Duruus al-Lughah al-”Arabiyyah : Madinah Book 3.


Al-Ajwibah : Buy here.

‘Ahaadiith Sahlah: 20 short and easy aHaadiith, selected to teach Qur’aanic Arabic and cultivate Islaamic manners according to the Sunnah.  Topics in the narrations include: pillars of Islaam, Iimaan, Salaah, beloved deeds, charitable deeds, the best deed, the worst deed, forbidden deeds, manners of worship, manners of eating, manners of giving salaam.

Each Hadiith is explained with simple lexical and grammatical notes followed by easy exercises. Recommended for beginners, those ready for Arabic-only books, and teaching children.


aHaadiith Sahlah: Buy here.

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