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 «إقسامُ الأَيْمَانِ في أقسامِ القرآن»

400 noble āyāt are masterfully quoted, arranged and discussed in this profound publication which gathers every āyah in the Qurʾān that contains a Qasam and Jawāb al-Qasam.

New, advanced, grammatical notes and insights are provided from classical Arabic references on iʿrāb, lughah, tafṣir, maʿānii al-Qurʾān, Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhāriyy and Musnad Imām Aḥmad. The āyāt are arranged and discussed in various ways: according to the style and eloquence of the Qasam and Jawāb al-Qasam, according to the sūrahs they occur in, according to identical grammar patterns, according to identical omissions in the Qurʾānic constructions, according to the tools of Qasam, instruments of Jawāb al-Qasam , verbs and nouns that signify Qasam and Jawāb al-Qasam etc.

By our faDiilat al-Shaykh. Published by Dār al-Qalam, Syria. Two-colour print, hard-back cover, beautiful design.

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‘At the Well of Madyan:
Suurat al-QaSaS, aayaat 23-43 With Lexical and Grammatical Notes’
With copious Additional Notes;
Amazing, new, lexical insights;
Diversity of Exercises on grammar, language and comprehension skills;
By our faDiilat al-Shaykh.

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1. Mu’jam al-Dakhiil:   Buy from the U.K. or India   
2. Al-Qawl al-’Asiil:      Buy from India


Also suitable for Beginners studying the 3 Madinah Books

Vibrant extracts in Children’s Library and Children’s Book Fair.

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