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3 Madinah Books (Full Colour) : Buy from  U.S.A,   U.K.(a)
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Buy Al-Mus”if here

From Esfahan to Madinah In Search of Truth: Embark on the study of this classical text with the heart-felt, arduous journey in search of truth by Salmaan al-Faarisi (raDiya Allaahu “anhu)…

… Join the travels, learn the many lessons in strength, love of Allaah and sacrifice for His sake. Feel the story come to life with the copious lexical & grammatical notes. Unfold the Map of Travels then head-off to purchase:


From Esfahan to Madinah: Buy from U.S.A.

Both These Lights Emanate from the Same Niche is moved to Advanced Library as a Free download.

Abshir Bi Khayri Yawmin is moved to Advanced Library as a Free download.

Fii Balaat Hiraql is moved to Advanced Library as a Free download.

Arba”uuna Hadiithan: 40 sacred Ahaadiith of heart-softening content, gathered and explained by our Shaykh in one rich volume. Embark on a journey to diverse lands through diverse narrations, master the Arabic Sciences and cultivate your iimaan according to the Prophetic Sunnah

Arba’uuna Hadiithan : Buy from  U.S.A.  (view extracts at USA link),  or  U.K.

Our Shaykh’s renowned Arabic language & Islaamic sciences syllabus is now published:

* in four, large, beautiful, colour volumes
* outstanding design and print
* complete Harakaatu l-i”raab on all the words.
* colour-coded rules, illustrations, maps and diagrams
* large Arabic fonts, beautiful lay out & typesetting, generous spacing, use of typographical devices to enhance learning.

A rich legacy of knowledge and Islaamic nurturing under the privilege of Madinah Islaamic University (published by ‘Al-Hadith Editions’, Belgium, 2009 CE).

Note: If you cannot buy the syllabus, visit the ‘Advanced Library’ and study the syllabus on-line.

NuSuuS Islaamiyyah:  A collection of classical Arabic texts ranging from khutbahs and biographies of the SaHaabah رضي الله عنهمHadiiths from the Musnad of Imaam Ahmad رحمه الله, extracts from great scholarly works such  asالبداية  والنهاية  by Ibn Kathiir رحمه الله, and stories of historical and moral significance -  collected from the pages of Islaamic history.

* Wealth of lexical and grammatical notes * New grammar concepts* Wealth of exercises test grammar, comprehension and language skills Harakaatu l-i”raab placed on all the words * Outstanding design, lay-out, typographical devices used to enhance learning. (Revisied edition published 2013 CE, 234 pages.)

NuSuuS Islaamiyyah: Buy here.

Europe Speaks Arabic: A fascinating dialogue between a scholar and a lay-person who discuss the etymology of every-day words in English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian – and other European and non-European languages – proving beyond doubt that these words are originally Arabic words. Copious facts and evidences in a rich, humorous and non-technical style help discover the astonishing contribution of Arabic in developing world languages and convince the reader that Europe Speaks Arabic.  A journalist described this book as: ‘leaves the reader awe-struck!’

Europe Speaks Arabic: Buy from  U.K., (discount at U.K. store), India  or   Canada

AL-AJWIBAH“ani l-’asilati l-”aammati: An essential book for every student, graduate and teacher of the 3 Madinah Books. It contains the solutions to the ‘General Questions Covering the Whole Book’ that appear at the end of Madinah Book 3.

Free download of ‘Al-Ajwibah’ : Beginner’s Library.

Buy Al-Ajwibah.

For the graduates of our Shaykh’s entire study programme who have gained a firm understanding of the Arabic sciences  and desire reading the traditional Arabic grammar texts, our Shaykh recommends the famous, weighty text of SharHu Ibn “Aqiil “alaa ‘Alfiyyati Ibn Maalik.

An excellent exposition in a clear and easy style which a graduate student will easily understand. This edition contains profound  explanatory notes and is an ocean of knowledge.

Content includes:

* The complete i”raab of every line of the 1000 couplet with full lexical notes;
Exhaustive explanations expanding and verifying Ibn Aqiil’s  commentary;
Deep wisdoms derived from the couplets & sharH;
Copious citations from the Qur’aan and aHaadiith illustrating the rules;
Vast understandings and opinions gathered of the famous scholars of Arabic on the grammar concepts such as the understanding of Siibawayhi, Al-Farraa’, Al-Akhfash, Al-Mubarrid and many others (رحمهم الله) from the BaSrah and Kuufah schools of grammar.

Buy from the publishers Daar al-Talaa’i”, Cairo. 

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