Language Lesson 9: ادَّارأتم

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  1. Umm Mujaahid says:

    فضيلة الشيخ
    السلام عليكم

    This is a very valuable lesson giving fine insight into this verb-form and has helped me greatly.

    أم مجاهد

  2. Maryam says:

    Assalaamu “alaikum wa raHmatullaah wa barakaatuhu faDiilata l-shaykh HafiZakumullaah

    I have studied the lesson on iddaara’tum and found it to be excellent, mashaa Allaah.

    Whilst going through it the first time, I could not help but feel so excited. Because of having memorised the ayah, the lesson felt even more special and meaningful to me. And Mashaa Allaah, your step by step explanations felt so relaxed and easy to understand. Now every time I recite this ayah, your lovely lesson keeps coming to mind.

    I also keep smiling every time I come to the part where you say “…there is a tendency to drop the fathah of the second syllable to economize the effort.”

    And I found it quite amazing that the maaDi can be formed from a modified muDaari by way of back formation. I had just assumed that the maaDi always came first!

    Thank you so much dear Shaykh.

    May Allaah grant you all the best of this life and the Aakhirah.


  3. H.M.Jakaria Masud says:

    thanks to all who give us opportunity for free learning.

  4. Dr. Khokhar says:

    The blog is treasure of knowledge. I am going through all previous Q&A , the more I drink from it more thirsty I am. With every breath I pray for shaykh and his team. Allah bless them all.

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