Poetry Lesson 5 : قد يدرك الشرف الفتى

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3 Responses to Poetry Lesson 5 : قد يدرك الشرف الفتى

  1. Ibnu Imran says:

    asSalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

    The poetry lesson was once again informative, beneficial, and enjoyable – alhamdulillah. May Allah reward the shaykh for sharing his knowledge with us.

    The dars reminded me of a question I have had for some time:
    What is the meaning of the word قد in the ayah of Surah alBaqarah-
    (قد نرى تقلب وجهك في السماء)
    and in Surah alAn’aam
    (قد نعلم إنه ليحزنك الذي يقولون)

    I patiently yet excitedly await an answer, bi-idhnillah…

  2. Ibnu Imran says:

    Also, what was mentioned in the dars about Ibn Harmah being considered the last poet in terms of purity and correctness intrigued me greatly – is it true that many linguists feel the same way about alImam alShaafi’ee (rahimahuAllah) ? I would love to see some of the shaykh’s thoughts on the subject.

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