Glorious Qur’aan Lesson 1: فاذكروني

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6 Responses to Glorious Qur’aan Lesson 1: فاذكروني

  1. Maryam says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh yaa Fadeelatas Shaykh, hafizakumullaah

    Jazaakumullaahu khair dear Shaykh for this reminder of jawaab-ut-talab. I’d almost forgotten about this principle, not having come across it much since book 3, (or maybe it’s more likely that I haven’t noticed it much since book 3…!). But inshaa Allaah, I will remember it well from now on – just recalling this very beautiful portion of the ayah, which is so easy to remember too, is enough to trigger my memory of al-jazmu-bit-talab.

    Wasalaamu alaykum

  2. Aqlama says:

    JazakumuAllahu Khiran for starting this initiative.

  3. Mumtaz says:

    Assalamu alaikum Warahmathullah,

    Alhamdulillah,summa Alhamdulillah ,Jazkha Allahu khairan Katheeran ya sheikh Barakallahu Laka fi ddunya wal akhirah.Really this is a very beneficial site for every student of knowledge.I always like the beauty of arabic language so we have given in our alfurqan islamic school more preference for Arabic.when I have gone through your site I really felt as if my dream of learning advanced arabic come true. As a woman and mother of 5 children I couldn’t go and learn anywhere after my graduation in arabic from calicut university .therefore this site is really beneficial to me to learn more on Arabic.,quran & ahadith.Alhamdulillah .sheikh here I would like to inform you that your book “ahadith sahlah “is teaching in our school since 4 years for the grade 4th &5th students because here our students are learning Arabic from KG onwards.Now alhamdulillah when I found manahiju maahadi talimillugathil Arabiyya we have started few subjects from that book to class 5th,6th & 7th its really beneficially one..May Allah Increase your knowledge and benefit more and more to this Ummah.May Allah accept all your effort of spreading the knowledge.Ameen

    Assalamu alaikum Warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu

  4. Gaasenator says:

    masha allah
    jazak Allahu khaiiran ya sheikh

  5. Coşkun VARLIK says:

    Allah sizlerden ebeden razı olsun…

  6. Muhammad Sajid Rahim says:

    Dear Respected Dr. Abdur Rahim,
    I have started your on-line courses too. I did today lesson 1 of Quran Course. Jazam on account of jawab ul talab.
    As for Madina Books, yesterday, Alhamdullillah Book 3 has started and I did half of lesson 1 with Mr. Asif Maherali (via youtube). I take lesson 1 very important and would like to go through it several times. Brick by brick I am able to enhance my knowledge of Arabic language. I salute to your vision and style of teaching Arabic language….. one thing at a time. May Allah shower His choicest blessings on you.

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