Hadiith Lesson 2: إن قامتْ على أحدكم

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3 Responses to Hadiith Lesson 2: إن قامتْ على أحدكم

  1. Umm Abdullah al Muwahiddah says:

    jazakaAllahu ‘an-al-khayr shaykhanaa. This is such a beautiful and simple way for the student of knowledge from the hadith, along with its fawaiid,sharh, and arabic grammatical points.

    May Allah add it to the shaykh’s mizaan of good deeds on the Day of Resurrection!

    wassalamu Allahu alaykum

  2. Imdadullah says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaikum

    First of all I just got aware of contents of your website (the LQ). I really appreciate it and may Allah reward you for this and accept your efforts.

    I wanted to know if audios of these lessons will be available.


  3. Maryam says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh yaa faDiilatas Shaykh, HafiZakumullaah

    Jazaakumullaahu khair dear Shaykh, for yet another excellent dars, mashaa Allaah. I found the text of the hadiith to be delightfully simple to understand, but of course, so weighty in meaning. And your points explaining it further were very beneficial, and prompt immediate self-examination and reflection.

    May Allaah delight and benefit you always. Aameen.

    Wasalaamu alaykum

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