Language Lesson 6 : تراويح

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4 Responses to Language Lesson 6 : تراويح

  1. aftab98 says:


    Tasbeeh Taraveeh read after 4 rakaat usually in Asia, is a valid practice according to Ahle sunnat wal jamaat.

    I wanted to know whether the word “wal Azmate” should be read with fatah or sukun. ie wal azamate or wal azmate as it is commonly read.

    I would be grateful for your quick response.
    Jazakumullah Khyrun
    Aftab Ahmed

    • aftab98 says:


      I sincerely thankful to you for your quick response.
      May Allah (SWT) give you Ajrun Azeemun.
      Aftab Ahmed
      Birmingham, England

  2. abdul karim memon says:

    the right way to read is WAL “AZAMATE”

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