Grammar Lesson 4: المطابقة بين المبتدأ والخبر

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9 Responses to Grammar Lesson 4: المطابقة بين المبتدأ والخبر

  1. Student4Life says:

    JazakAllah Respected Shaykh for that valuable lesson
    May Allah SWT give you the ability to continue benefiting us all

  2. abdurRahman ahmed says:

    Masha Allah, We are enriched with another interesting concept of arabic grammer

  3. saida mohammed says:

    Aslaamvaalkum, i am trying to learn arabic and i need help i have already purchased
    your books but i need help in having some practice of verbs, nouns, singular and plurals and also how to place everything thank you

  4. محسن says:

    جزاكم اللهُ خيراً

  5. driver02 says:

    Assalamoalaikum shaykh, I started with your book 1 and wanted to get more practice on worksheet for level one, I done 10 lesson so far and i seen some example you have on your website but it just cover until hathaaa ismoo ishara , I wanted to get the whole book for level 1 please , i mean the worksheet or if you do have them i dont mind buying them or where i can buy them please, Jazzakulmulah khairan ..

  6. bashir sharif liman says:

    a job well done keep it up

  7. Nita Zakiyah says:

    جزاكم الله خيرا كثيرا

  8. UMAR says:


  9. Kazi Faysal Mahmud says:

    Peace & blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa’taala be on all of you. I’ve completed all basics of Arabic grammar but have some lacking in Arabic Adverb & preposition. I need to learn more both types. Would you please tell about those.

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